Difference between Laminate and Engineered

What is the difference between Laminate and Engineered wood flooring?

Starting the search for wood flooring and unsure of the different variations available? Continue reading below to get an understanding of the difference between laminate and engineered to help you make an informed decision on your floor.

– Laminate Flooring –

Laminate flooring is highly scratch resistant and generally a more cost effective flooring option. It uses a printed image that emulates real wood, because of this there is now lots of different colors and styles to choose from in laminate. Laminate flooring can last up to 25 years in commercial traffic and requires very little maintenance. Laminate is extremely versatile in application with options even suitable for wet rooms.


  • Easy to care and does not require maintenance.
  • Does not fade over time.
  • Extremely scratch and stain resistant.
  • Good for people with allergies.
  • Cost effective to supply and install.
  • Huge range of decors to choose from.


  • Repeating patterns ( Although newer laminates have much more variation )
  • Unable to sand back

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– Engineered Wood Flooring –

Engineered flooring has become the most favored and practical wood flooring option available and for good reason. It is the go to choice for anyone interested in a real wood floor even surpassing fully solid boards in terms of popularity due to the benefits it provides.

Engineered flooring is manufactured using high quality plywood as a base.
This base adds structural stability to the board which minimizes expansion and contraction. A wooden veneer is then placed on the surface of the board, ranging between 3-6mm which allows the board to be sanded back.


  • Natural Timber.
  • Variety of different species and finishes.
  • Sustainable.
  • Warmer underfoot.
  • Custom styles available.
  • Possible to sand back.


  • More susceptible to scratching than laminate.
  • Requires maintenance.

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