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About Wood Flooring

Mulveys wood flooring come in 3 sub categories: Solid Flooring, Engineered Flooring and Semi-solid Flooring – take a look and decide which will suit your project best or get some advice from our experts.

Solid Flooring

As one of the worlds most versatile floor coverings you get durability & timeless elegance that only comes with a solid wood floor. Solid wood floors also have many practical advantages too. Once properly maintained Solid wood floors can last for generations! Why? warm to the touch, easy to clean, hygienic and dust free & is especially good for allergy sufferers.

Solid flooring is composed of

  1. Solid wood throughout

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We have hundreds of solid floors in stock, start browsing and find the ideal solid flooring for your home

Engineered Flooring

Mulveys Engineered wood flooring combines the durability of a solid wood floor with the versatility of engineered plywood. This type of flooring is made up of a substantial hardwood top layer and a very strong plywood second layer. Easi-plank has all the strength and beauty of solid flooring combined with an unparalleled stability that comes with a plywood base. The beauty of this composition is that it allows for wide boards and long planks that would normally be prone to twisting and warping if in a solid plank.

Engineered flooring is composed of

  1. Solid wood top layer between 2 & 6mm
  2. Birch Plywood multilayered

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We have hundreds of engineered floors in stock, start browsing and find the ideal engineered flooring for your home

Semi Solid flooring

Similar to Engineered floors, Semi-solid floors have a real wood top layer combined with a stabilized 3 core composition.

Semi Solid flooring is composed of

  1. Solid wood top layer
  2. Stabilised three core composition
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