Maintaining your oiled floor

How to oil your floor

An oiled floor is one of the most beautiful and practical floor coverings for a home, however they do require a a small bit of maintenance

If you have an oiled floor that is looking a bit worn out it might be time to oil it.
This is a simple process that will bring your oiled floor back to life!

You can apply oil using one of two methods; By hand or With a buffer.

Oiling By hand

What you will need;


  1. Clean any dirt or grit off the floor area, otherwise it will be oiled into the floor.
  2. Apply a generous splash of oil to the floor
  3. Use the lint free cloth to apply the oil, following along the grain of the board as you do so.
  4. Allow flooring to dry and re apply oil if necessary ( If the floor still looks a bit dry ).


Oiling with a buffer

What you will need;

  • Floor boy ( Talk to us about rental )
  • White application pad
  • Floor Service Maintenance Oil
  • Cleaner
  • Spray applicator

Video Tutorial 


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