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Design plus+


Our range of Design plus+ Flooring is ideal for high traffic areas, commercial or private, and is designed to maintain an attractive surface over time.

Product structure:

  1. Ultra robust and water-resistant TPU surface (thermoplastic polyurethane) with SelfRepair effect. Integrated decor layer for highly authentic appearance.
  2. High-density & double-sealed UWF coreboard (Ultra Wood Fibre Board) made of natural wood fibre
  3. Water-resistant high-end balancer

Ultra Modern:

  • Ultra thin 5 mm boards based on natural wood fibres
  • TPU surface: 100% waterproof, elastic, odourless and comfortable
  • Free of PVC and plasticisers

Ultra robust:

  • Unique SelfRepair effect ensures an attractive surface is maintained over time
  • Double protection to the UWF coreboard from humidity, thanks to DualSeal sealing

Ultra versatile:

  • Ideal for high-traffic areas, commercial or private
  • Versatile in use (floating installation or with full-surface gluing)
  • Board format LARGE for large, open rooms

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