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At Mulveys we are constantly searching for new and innovative floors that are not only cutting edge but practical in application and aesthetically high end.

Sourced from a family mill in Sweden, we have launched what we believe to be the next generation of wooden floors. Golvabia is a compact 7-10mm micro-engineered product that is seamlessly easy to fit and boasts diamond like protection on its surface.

Maxwood – Classical beauty, Modern Construction

Golvabia floors are composed of

  1. Lacquered surface with MaxGuard’s diamond-like hardness to increase durability far beyond the properties of regular wood floors
  2. Protective impregnation joints to give greater damp resilience over regular click floors made of wood grain material
  3. HDF woodboard core with sturdy dimensions to enhance stability and 5G click joints for easy assembly
  4. CatWalk integrated underlay material for effective noise muffling through its porous mix of wood grain and microscopic air bubbles

Real Wood

Maxwood surface is made of real wood. This provides you with the beauty and character that comes with any natural product, and the varied graining with every board being unique.

Deep Core Strength

MaxWood’s core consists of highly compressed wood fibers which can withstand most kinds of impacts without giving in. The joints of this product are coated with a protective impregnation which provides damp resistance.

Surface Durability

Due to its impressive sturdy surface foundation this product can use a rock-hard MaxGaurd lacquer, which is one if not the most resilient lacquers on the market.

Wonderful Comfort

The real wood surface provides the floor with a warm, soft and less noisy feel. However MaxWood has gone the extra mile and manufactured a noise muffling base ‘CatWalk’ which blocks out core noise.

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