Rustic style Mulveys room guide

Rustic style warmth and timeless beauty

A rustic style is a more popular approach than ever these days, and rightly so, it provides warmth and cosiness giving a truly authentic traditional feel. Mulveys have worked on many projects with skilled interior designers to create that inviting homely look, here are some of our tips to help you achieve that truly rustic look.

– Rustic Style Flooring –

For a rustic theme the go to floor will 9 times out of 10 be a wooden floor. But with so many species and styles of wooden floors what one fits the profile? Well, anything with cracks, knots and heartwood should hit the mark. A very good example of this would be a white oak floor, specifically with an oiled finish. Oiled finishes protect your floor without altering the natural colour and aesthetics of the wood.  [ We recommend; Driftwood or Natural Oiled Floors. ]


– Decor –

When selecting furnishings for a room, large chunky wooden furnishings really bring that rustic style to life. If you can get your hands on anything made from reclaimed materials that would be ideal. The goal here is to avoid any ultra modern fittings, mixing rustic and contemporary styles can really obscure the feel of the room. The species of wood here really depends on the colour scheme you are going for. [ We recommend; ]

– Colour Theme –

This generally goes for all styles, not just a rustic style. If you have lots of light coming in a dark colored theme will provide a truly warm and cosy feel, however if you are lacking on natural light consider going for a more neutral theme such as pale blues and soft greys for the walls. Try steer away from black leather couches or anything too modern. Quirky textiles and hand made quilts make for great accessories and throws for couches or beds.